“You two [Jean and Margaret] are masters at making us feel safe and able to share our authentic selves.” –Paula, workshop attendee

The Deeper Discovery workshops are facilitated by Insights® Licensed Practitioners Margaret Smith and Dr. Jean Davidson.

Margaret Smith

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Dr. Jean Davidson

Dr. Jean Davidson

Margaret B. Smith is an Insights® Licensed practitioner. She is a career coach, educator, speaker, and author. As the founder of UXL, she offers individuals and teams the guidance necessary to improve communication and reach maximum potential.  
Margaret’s coaching style is supportive, open, and energizing. She believes in positive messaging and bringing out your best authentic self.Margaret has a broad business background, including 27 years in business management at 3M. She uses this depth of experience to serve a diverse range of clients and create relateable, interactive workshops, keynote speeches, and one-on-one coaching sessions.

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Dr. Jean Davidson is an Insights® Licensed Practitioner. She started Davidson Consulting and Coaching in 2004 after 25 years experience in education, management and consulting.

Points of interest on her resume include a Doctorate in Organization Development, a Master’s in Human Resource Development, and a Certificate as a Professional Co-Active Coach. Her passion is to work with anyone choosing to make a change in their life, their team, or their organization.

Dr. Davidson has an extensive client list, including Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Optum Health, Native Governance Center, APEX Clearing House, Latitude Elevates, & University of Minnesota.